Sportplus+ Indoor Trampoline for Adults

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Sportplus+ Indoor Trampoline for Adults Review

As an active adult who likes to keep fit and healthy, I’ve always been in search of the perfect exercise equipment that would meet my needs. Something that could offer me the right balance of fun, functionality, and practicality. In my search, I stumbled upon an absolute gem that ticked all these boxes – the Sportplus+ Indoor Trampoline. This is a perfect piece of equipment that has significantly revolutionized my home fitness routine.

Diving into the World of Trampolines

Before I discovered the Sportplus+ Indoor Trampoline, I thought trampolines were only meant for kids. However, this adult-friendly trampoline changed my perception completely. Trampoline workouts are not only fun but also offer an effective cardiovascular workout that burns calories, improves balance, and strengthens the core.

Unboxing the Sportplus+ Indoor Trampoline

Upon receiving my package, I was thrilled by the contents. The package included the fitness trampoline itself, 36 high-quality rubber ropes, an adjustable handle, an edge cover, special tools for tightening the ropes, and detailed assembly instructions.

Assembling the Trampoline

Despite the manual suggesting a two-person assembly due to the high-quality and robust rubber ropes, I decided to give it a go myself. And yes, I won’t deny that it was somewhat challenging, but the detailed instructions came to my rescue. I was able to assemble it on my own, but having a helping hand would indeed make it easier. This slight challenge in assembly, however, assures me of the trampoline’s durability and quality.

The First Bounce

Once I had everything set up, it was time for the first bounce. As I stepped onto the trampoline, I could feel the soft and comfortable suspension. This feature makes it ideal for fitness exercises as it is gentle on the joints, unlike hard-impact exercises. Also, I was impressed with the trampoline’s stability – it didn’t lift when I was jumping. Thanks to its non-slip rubber feet, it maintained its ground, making me feel safe throughout my workout.

The Adjustable Handle

One unique feature of the Sportplus+ Indoor Trampoline is the adjustable handle. The handle can be adjusted in five different heights, ranging from approximately 82 cm to 117 cm, measured from the jumping mat. This adjustability factor means it can be customized to suit people of different heights, making it inclusive for all adults. The handle can also be completely disassembled in a few simple steps, which is beneficial for storage or transportation purposes.

The Quality Promise

Behind this high-quality and durable fitness equipment is SportPlus, a company with a stellar 20-year record in the fitness industry. Their commitment to quality and customer service is clearly visible in the Sportplus+ Indoor Trampoline. Knowing that there is a dedicated service team in Hamburg to answer any queries brings a sense of reassurance.


All in all, the Sportplus+ Indoor Trampoline is an excellent investment for any adult looking to diversify their home fitness routine. It combines the elements of fun, fitness, and practicality, making workouts enjoyable. Its design and construction assure durability and quality, promising a long-lasting relationship with the user.

As an adult who has ventured into the exciting world of trampolining, I can say that the Sportplus+ Indoor Trampoline has made my fitness journey more enjoyable and dynamic. It’s more than just a piece of fitness equipment; it’s a tool that promotes a healthier, fitter, and happier lifestyle.

  • The Sportplus+ Indoor Trampoline offers a fun and effective cardiovascular workout.
  • Assembly can be managed single-handedly, but an extra pair of hands would make the process smoother.
  • It is gentle on the joints, making it suitable for all fitness levels.
  • The handlebar can be adjusted to accommodate different heights, enhancing its inclusivity.
  • SportPlus has a proven track record in delivering high-quality fitness equipment, and this trampoline is no exception.

So, if you’re an adult looking to spice up your home fitness routine, why not consider the Sportplus+ Indoor Trampoline? Its unique blend of fun, fitness, and practicality could be just what you need.

M Waqas Saeed
M Waqas Saeed

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